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Arabelle Yee International


NEW Leads

We set out with the target of achieving 5000 new leads for the business using just Facebook & Instagram within the budget requirements and we had 3 months in order to achieve this goal.


Was the target

Arabelle has some big goals to enter into more international markets so we laid out the best plan of action to generate the awareness, sign-ups & sales. 

We were able to achieve the target in under 3 months!


REVENUE from the ads
With the funnel we have set up for this account they are nurturing the leads with email sequences. There have been many purchases and ROAS is around 2x (as of now). 
HubSpot Video

Pain points before working with us: 


  • Wasting money 
  • Internal team lacked experience and expertise 
  • Lead quality 
  • Generating a higher volume of quality leads
  • Has amazing offers but needed to reach into international markets with a solid strategy

Where we are now after 12 + months:


  • Consistently generating good leads across various offers 
  • Successfully achieved the target of 4,300 international leads within the space of 90 days
  • Increased conversion rate 
  • Looking at expanding the campaigns and offers to begin to increase the ROAS. 
Our primary objective

Generate Leads

We have been working with Arabelle and her awesome team for over 12 months now and so we know the business and offers very well, which helped us in constructing the best strategy to achieve the goal of 5,000 new international leads within 90 days.


You can see some of the campaigns below...

New Leads

See for Yourself...

Arabelle Yee - leads

  • FB Ads Campaign design
  • Continued optimisation and planning
  • Weekly and Monthly reporting
  • Funnel review and tracking fixes 
  • Built out a an ads funnel to nurture new customers in and keep engaged


Find out what we can do for you

Book a discovery call with the team today. We can find out more about you, your goals and how we think we can help you get there.