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NEW Customers

With the sales team Braaap have in-house we were also tasked with generating leads for them to call and close, as well as generating direct sales from the website. 


ROAS From our campaigns

We started back in 2021 with Braaap and the team to improve the number of sales and leads at a better ROI. 

$785k +

REVENUE from the ads
We have scaled the campaigns whilst maintaining a high ROAS to ensure the business is scaling profitably! 
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Pain points before working with us: 


  • Inconsistent results 
  • Internal team lacked experience and expertise 
  • Brining down the CPA 
  • Generating a higher volume of quality leads
  • Had lots of content but not too much to do with it

Where we are now after 12 + months:


  • Consistently generating great results and hitting a few record months along the way
  • Worked on the lead quality and built a new system with the Braaap team to ensure their sales team can see the best quality ones to call first
  • Increased conversion rate 
  • Made new creatives that increased the CTR by 40% and reduced the CPC by 35%! 
Our primary objective

Generate Sales & Leads

Initially we completed an account audit for Braaap to see exactly where the issues were and where the key opportunities within the account are. After the audit we had a clear plan of action and began implementing the strategy, which began to really build traction after month 1 where we were able to scale the account up due to the high ROAS and lead volume.

The team constructed the strategy that would enable us to generate high volume of traffic and then make sure we can retarget them for the conversions. The top of the funnel did lots of the work but the bottom of the funnel gets the ROI.

New Sales

See for Yourself...

Braaap FB ads

5.84x ROAS

Braaap Google ads
  • Ads audit and website review
  • FB Ads Campaign design
  • Continued optimisation and planning
  • Weekly and Monthly reporting
  •  Google and YouTube campaigns optimised
  • Built out a new ads funnel to nurture new customers in to trust the brand and purchase


Find out what we can do for you

Book a discovery call with the team today. We can find out more about you, your goals and how we think we can help you get there.