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Cosmetics brand


NEW Sales

Using Facebook and Instagram advertising and a new bunch of creatives we were able to run successful campaigns. 


ROAS From our campaigns

With our campaign structure we were able to reduce the CPA dramatically. 

£47k +

REVENUE from the ads
We have scaled the campaigns whilst maintaining a 200% ROAS to ensure the business is scaling profitably!

The issues they were facing: 

Before working with us they were spending a big budget of over £200k per month however their ads were barely touching a 1.2x ROAS. My Perfect Cosmetics minimum ROAS for it to be profitable is 1.3x ROAS so the ads just weren't worth it. The graphics were relatively outdated and needed a refresh to be more engaging for advertising. 


The Success: 

We are consistently achieving an overall ROAS of above 2x ROAS, with retargeting getting 3x ROAS. We refreshed the old images and made the images and videos more engaging which was increased the CTR by 100%. 

We have secured the consistency within the account and are now scaling within the UK market. We are also looking into 2 other international markets to test and advertise too. 

Our primary objective

Generate Sales

With this account and price points it was all about constructing  a funnel for targeted cold audiences to be filtered into the bottom of the funnel and then captured in retargeting campaigns. 

We have a 3 step approach within these campaigns to generate really targeted and interested top audiences that will generate us the lowest CPA and highest ROI. 

New Sales
  • Ads audit and website review
  • FB Ads Campaign design
  • Continued optimisation and planning
  • Weekly and Monthly reporting


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