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Tiny Treehouses


NEW Customers

Using our integrated strategy across Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube we were able to scale this account from zero --> generating $55,000 in a single month from our ads. 


ROAS Overall

Since we started in March 2022:

Total ROAS for FB: 4.49x
Total ROAS for Google: 5.84x

Overall combined ROAS: 4.81x

£100k +

REVENUE from the ads
We have scaled the campaigns whilst maintaining a high ROAS to ensure the business is scaling profitably! 
HubSpot Video

This video was taken just over a month in to working together. 

Pain points before working with us: 


  • Next to no results  
  • Has a great new product and just needed help to get it out to market

Where we are now after 6 months:


  • We have scaled both the Facebook and Google ad accounts up and are both consistently generating over a 4x ROAS
  • Have a plan in place to scale horizontally and vertically over the next coming months
Our primary objective

Generate Sales

Before we began working with this client we sat down to discuss the objectives of the campaigns and the business as a whole. As this is an ecommerce company the main focus is on sales and getting a low CPA (cost per acquisition). 

The team constructed the strategy that would enable us to generate lots of targeted traffic and then make sure we can retarget them for the conversions. The funnel we implemented enabled us to get very low CPC and high CTR's whilst getting the conversions at over a 3x ROAS. 

New Sales

See for Yourself...


5.84x ROAS

TT - Google ads example
  • Ads audit and website review
  • FB Ads Campaign design
  • Continued optimisation and planning
  • Weekly and Monthly reporting
  • New Google and YouTube accounts set up 
  • Built out a funnel to nurture new customers in


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