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Ultimate Fitness Holiday


In our Facebook and Instagram campaigns we are targeting multiple countries within different campaigns and for different boot camps.
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Our campaigns needed to be structured properly to enable us to see the data of which locations + interests are performing the best, so we can scale them.

new bookings
Our campaigns do the work in generating the traffic and the leads, then their awesome sales team follows up and reaches out to them to help them book, unless they already have from the ads.  

We have increased the revenue nearly month on month, but with a few changes across Facebook and a couple slow months. 
HubSpot Video

Pain points before working with us: 


  • Was generating some results but couldn't scale it up 
  • Didn't have time to manage it and run the business 
  • Had a bad experience with a previous agency 

Where we are now after 12 + months:


  • Scaled the a budgets for most of the locations generating a great CPL
  • Worked on the lead quality and built a new system with the UF team to ensure their sales team can see the best quality ones to call first
  • Increased conversion rate 
  • Made new creatives & videos that increased the CTR by 20% and reduced the CPC by 25%! 
  • Filling up each of the camps regularly
Our primary objective

Lead Generation

When we started working with Ultimate Fitness they had campaigns running that you could consider successful, so our challenge was to improve on this and put a strategy in place that ensured the results are consistent. 

Oli explains how it goes from there in the video above ^   but from our side, the key was that we tested lots and lots of audiences to find the winning combinations of copies, headlines, creatives and audiences for each campaign. As well as building out a funnel for cold audiences, all the way through the bottom of the funnel and retargeting.  

If you see the account, the amount of testing we have done you may think we are crazy. We are crazy but mainly crazy about generating results!

New leads

International Campaign with new leads captured from NINETY-THREE countries

Ultimate Fitness Leads Map_1
  • Ads audit and design solution
  • International FB Ads Campaign
  • Continued optimisation and planning
  • Weekly and Monthly reporting
  • New landing pages designed for improved UX
  • Integrated lead capture, chat bots and analytics
  • CRM with Social and Email marketing setup
  • Built-in automation and lead scoring

New Landing Pages with Built-In Lead Capture, Automation and Analytics

UF Multi screen with backend RESIZED
BL Mobile Screenshot
BL Mobile Screenshot_2
BL Mobile Screenshot_3
BL Mobile Screenshot_4
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